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EQ TSP Plain Trolley

125 - 1000kg


  • Designed to provide smooth and easy traversing.
  • Integrated body protecting the high-performance and highly functional unit.
  • A dual-safety mechanism prevents accidents from excessive loads.
  • Smooth and ergonomic operation. 
  • Lugs provide protection from striking damage against rail stoppers and from falling off the rail.
  • Wheel flanges also prevent derailment.
  • Shuts off motor current during excessive lifting/lowering to prevent accidents.
  • Nickle plated load chain.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Applications: Mining, construction, engineering and manufacturing.


Part No.


Flange width


 40405  125kg  50-102Fl
 TSP003-EQ  40406  250kg  50-102Fl
 TSP005-EQ  40408  500kg  50-102Fl
 TSP010-EQ  40410  1 tonne  58-127Fl


Size: 7045829b PWB 2014 Product Catalogue (PDF)
Size: 663277b Power Hoisting (PDF)

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