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Need a chain? We can make it.

We understand that your needs are one of a kind. If you need a specialty chain, we can make it. Manufacturing chain goes right back to our foundations.

Whether you need a 3 mm chain, right through to a 24 mm, we can make chain to meet your specifications.

Need a lifting sling? We’ll custom make it for you.

We can manufacture a tailor made lifting sling to your specifications:
  • Grade 80 from 6 mm to 32 mm
  • Grade 100 from 8 mm to 22 mm.
Regardless of your industry sector ― aquaculture, marine, transport, agriculture, entertainment or mining ― we thrive on manufacturing chains, lifting slings, and associated lifting solutions for large and complex challenges.

You’ll benefit from our commitment to deliver engineering excellence, value and professional integrity.

An overview of KITO PWB chain products

Sling chain

KITO PWB sling chains comply with Australian Standards and are used for industrial lifting. At KITO PWB, we manufacture and supply the following sling chain products:
  • Herc Alloy 800™: a premium grade high-tensile alloy lifting product.
  • PWB® Gr10: the next generation of high grade premium lifting product.
  • Grade P: from higher tensile steel (hardened and tempered), with twice the lifting capacity of Grade L.
  • Grade L: the highest quality lower tensile steel chain used for lifting and the preferred chain for marine applications.

Transport chain

KITO PWB transport chain conforms to Australian Standard AS4344 Cargo Restraint Systems – Transport Chain and Components. Transport chain is made for use as a load restraint in the transport industry.

KITO PWB manufactures HiLITETM transport chain finished with zinc electroplating. Transport chains are clearly marked with their lashing capacities. HiLITETM transport chain can be supplied in bulk quantities or in the form of load binding kits with a range of suitable grab and claw hooks.

Calibrated chain

KITO PWB calibrated chain is fitted to devices such as hoists and chain blocks. It also includes calibrated hand chain used to operate manual lifting applications such as chain blocks, geared trolleys and roller doors.

Proof coil chain or general purpose chain

KITO PWB proof coil chain is made in a variety of link sizes, and in two link formations – regular and long.

Proof coil chain is used in a wide range of industrial and agricultural non-lifting purposes such as fences, barriers and roof supports.

Other chain types

KITO PWB supplies other chain types including:
  • Carburised chain: for special applications requiring high wear resistance
  • Flail chain: for removing bark from timber
  • Trailer safety chain: made to Australian Standard AS 4177.4 Caravan and Light Trailer Towing Components: Safety Chains up to 3500kg capacity
  • Load chain: for manual lifting devices

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We are confident and proud of the quality of products and custom solutions that we deliver. You have our commitment to support the products we deliver.

Our suppliers and sub-contractors have been selectively chosen by us for their shared dedication to delivering quality, with integrity. These strong partnerships mean that we constantly exchange information about product quality and workmanship.

In partnership with our suppliers, we back our products and will replace or repair products and materials where there is any evidence of faulty workmanship during the normal working life of the product. Naturally, this is conditional on the proper and appropriate use, care and maintenance of the product you have procured from us.

We support our products with technical advice, sourcing of spare parts and training, where required.

Visit our Services page for more information, or contact us to discuss your lifting requirements.

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