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Hoists - Custom Solutions



We’re all about what you need

We understand that your needs are one of a kind.

That’s why, our highly skilled team of engineers, assemblers and electricians spend most of their working days crafting unique power hoists for lifting solutions, to meet our clients’ individual specifications.

Regardless of your industry sector ― aquaculture, marine, transport, agriculture, entertainment or mining ― we thrive on designing and delivering hoist, and associated lifting solutions for large and complex challenges.

You’ll benefit from our commitment to deliver engineering excellence, value and professional integrity.

The numbers tell a fit-for-purpose story

Tailored solutions are what get our engineers, trained electricians and trained assemblers excited about their working day. Over 65% of power hoists sold require input from our engineering teams and technical specialists. 90% of our power hoists are unique by model variation, with our teams completing an average of 6 unique lifting solutions every day.

PWB Anchor offers a full range of high performance hoists and associated lifting equipment products including:
  • Kito:
    • ER2 Electric 3 Phase Hoists and Trolleys – available in models up to 60 tonnes
    • EQ Electric 3 Phase Hoist + Trolleys
    • EFSHL Electric 1 Phase Hoists.
    • ED Compact Electric 1 Phase Hoists.
    • M3 Manual Chain Blocks, L5 Lever Blocks (including options with Overload protection) + Trolleys
    • SHB Special Application & Low Headroom Hoists.
  • CM USA & Chester Special Application & Low Headroom Hoists
  • Endo Pneumatic Hoists and Trolleys.
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We are confident and proud of the quality of products and custom solutions that we deliver. You have our commitment to support the products we deliver.

Our suppliers and sub-contractors have been selectively chosen by us for their shared dedication to delivering quality, with integrity. These strong partnerships mean that we constantly exchange information about product quality and workmanship.

In partnership with our suppliers, we back our products and will replace or repair products and materials where there is any evidence of faulty workmanship during the normal working life of the product. Naturally, this is conditional on the proper and appropriate use, care and maintenance of the product you have procured from us.

We support our products with technical advice, sourcing of spare parts and training, where required.

Visit our Services page for more information, or contact us to discuss your lifting requirements.

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