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We’re proud of being an integral part of manufacturing in Australia for over 90 years. As a young, geographically challenged continent, succeeding as an enduring story in manufacturing has demanded innovative approaches to industrial lifting solutions. We’re problem solvers at heart.

While passionate about delivering premium quality chains and hoists that are fit for purpose, our solid history and strong global partnerships means you are about to make the right choice.


Inherent by design, chains and hoists work together to deliver industrial lifting solutions. We are one of few suppliers that offer the full range of chains, hoists and associated lifting products – to tailor lifting solutions based on your needs.

In 1962, the Bennett Chain Company and Pitt Waddell Pty Ltd amalgamated ― and so the ‘PWB’ of our name came into being. Operating from a 12 acre site at Bundoora in Victoria, Australia, the cutting edge plant built in 1964 set new standards in industrial production, and continues to do so today.

In 1987, a merger with Australia’s then premier hoist manufacturer Anchor Engineering, founded PWB Anchor Limited.

Equipped with highly specialised machines, we were ready to offer world-wide industrial lifting solutions. Since then we’ve forged export markets in New Zealand, South East Asia, East Africa and the Pacific Islands. We’ve selectively nurtured relationships with a network of suppliers that could readily complement our product offerings. We are a KITO Group company.

Our long term co-operative relationships with our international suppliers remains strong today. Innovators at heart, ongoing exchanges of industrial information ensures that we have access to the latest advances in global chain technology and lifting equipment.

As our customer, you’ll gain the benefits of decades of experience, technology advancements and trusted global partnerships.

Leverage our expertise for your lifting solution requirements.

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